Global No. 1 Solution for
Addressable TV Advertising

TV advertising no longer has to be a one way street broadcasting the same ad
to all subscribers. Start running targeted ads to specific audiences
just like digital advertising.

FLOWER, Anypoint Media’s authentic solution, enables personalized and
targeted ads on any kind of TV device. And, FLOWER is the full-featured
Addressable TV Ad platform covering ad management, real-time analytics,
DMP and integration with the digital ads ecosystem as well as ad serving.

Anypoint Media TV Ad Platform

Ad Serving
  • Frame-accurate Insertion via Preprocessing
  • Seamless Playback
Google Ad
  • Integrated with Google IMA SDK
  • Google Open Auction supported
  • Creative Review System
Ad Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Inventory Placement
  • Real-time Reporting


Addressable TV Ad Platform

SSP (Supply-Side Platform)
  • Programmatic Integration with top-tier DSPs
  • Flexible deals support (PG, PD, PMP & OMP)
DMP (Data Management Platform)
  • Audience Behavioral Data
  • Audience Segmentation and Targeting
Direct I/O and Self-Serving
  • Direct Sales supported
  • Self-Serving for SMBs and Long-tail

Fulfilling the Needs of
TV Operators

  • Support any type of TV service

    FLOWER supports linear TV service based on IPTV(multi-cast/HLS), Cable,
    and DTH, and also supports VOD and OTT service.
    And, FLOWER is ready to serve for FAST(Free Ad-Support TV) service.


    TV operators can choose Server-Side Ad Insertion(SSAI) or Client-Side Ad Insertion(CSAI) as they wish.
    Whatever they choose, FLOWER supports all the features mentioned above.

  • Multi-Tenancy for Small TV Operators

    Small TV Operators have trouble developing and operating their own ad platform.
    FLOWER enables them to quickly begin monetizing TV inventory just by joining
    the multi-tenancy service for small TV operators. All the conditions of the multi-tenancy
    platform are just the same as those of the independently-implemented one.

Connecting to the Digital
Ad Eco-System

  • Programmatic Buying

    TV inventories are directly connected to the digital ad ecosystem through
    Anypoint Media-providing SSP. FLOWER has been connected to the digital ad eco system
    and monetized since 2017 in TV media.

  • Demand from Google Open Auction

    There is no more waste of the remnant inventories in TV media. TV operators can bring
    YouTube demand on linear TV advertising through Google Open Auction to maximize revenue.
    This also allows advertisers to conveniently manage campaigns for both TV and YouTube through Google Ads.

  • Long-tail Accessibility

    Everyone knows that the digital ads market has exploded as innumerable long-tails
    entered the market. By self-serving feature of FLOWER, long-tail advertisers have chances
    to run campaigns on TV even with very limited budgets.

The Same Data-driven Tactics
Applied to Digital Campaigns

  • DMP and Audience Targeting

    By analyzing big data of STB and 3rd party, pinpoint targeting is available.
    Demographic, geographic and affiliated audiences are provided.
    FLOWER DMP can even identify how much the audience is interested in over 100 goods and services quantitatively.

  • Real-time Report

    Analytics, such as impressions divided into categories of date/time/area/channel,
    reach 1+/2+/3+, and average frequency, are provided in real-time through PC and mobile,
    which are not available in traditional TV advertising.

  • Cross-Targeting & Conversion

    By pairing the STB and mobile devices of households, FLOWER supports cross-targeting
    between TV and mobile device. Also, mobile conversion, such as subscription, app installation,
    and purchase, will be provided soon.

Trusted, Economic, and
Proven Solution

  • Revenue Sharing

    We adopt ‘Revenue Sharing Model’ for FLOWER implementation and ad monetization.
    No up-front cost, NRE, integration/implementation fees are required.
    We, as a trusted business partner, will grow together with our valuable customers.

  • Minimal Integration

    FLOWER is a SaaS using AWS, with a small portion being integrated with the TV operators’
    environment. We minimized the integration scope, meaning faster deployment,
    to quickly maximize revenue.  (

  • Proven Technology in Service

    FLOWER began its first service in 2016 and has evolved continuously to catch up with
    the development of IT technology. As of the end of 2021, FLOWER is serving more than
    13 million households worldwide with around 4 billion inventories a month.

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