Anypoint SSP

Anypoint SSP

Every publisher wants the value of their inventories to be maximized.
Anypoint SSP is an independent SSP maximizing the monetization
by connecting to the demand partners from all over the world.
Especially when it comes to the linear TV & OTT,
Anypoint SSP is a unique choice for the publishers and DSPs.

Anypoint SSP

There are lots of SSPs worldwide, however

Only Anypoint SSP Unlocks the Full Value of Your TV & OTT inventory

as well as any type of digital ads

Specialized in
Linear TV & OTT Inventories

Most SSPs don’t support linear TV & OTT inventories that are the most premium
inventories for video ads. Anypoint SSP is specialized in linear TV & OTT inventories
as well as any type of digital ad formats.

Cross Targeting

Linear TV & OTT inventories are most premium video ad inventories as every one believes.
TV & OTT device has a big screen compared to PC and mobile screen with more engagement,
and non-skippable environment. Now advertisers can expect to achieve
higher performance by adding linear TV & OTT to the existing digital ads mix.

Partnership with
Top-Tier DSPs Worldwide

Anypoint SSP is already connected to numbers of global top-tier DSPs.
And the strong partnership guarantees that publishers can monetize
their inventories from the global advertisers wherever they serve.

Publisher-Friendly Policy

Anypoint SSP provides the policy of rather low-price, and the TV & OTT Providers that
adopted FLOWER are provided with an additional special discount policy.

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